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Today, change happens fast, competition is fierce, and disruption is a constant threat. How can you stay ahead in such a shifting landscape?

By adopting the Silicon Valley mindset!


Mindset driven by impact

This mindset is rooted in one word: impact. By leveraging new technologies, talent, strong ecosystems, agile leadership, and ingenious approaches to business, Silicon Valley impacts entire industries in ways that shape the world. For a company to thrive—or even survive—in the next decade, its leaders will need to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and be able to put it to work.

What we do?

We help executives and their teams working with corporate transformation, digitalization/new technologies and innovation reach their full potential by adopting the Silicon Valley mindset and make it work in their organizations.

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How we do it?

We give executives and their key people and key partners access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and mindset and we help integrate this into their companies in order to get real impact.

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Who we are?

Silicon Valley Fast Track is founded by Stefan Lindegaard. We are a network structure that works with the best minds and organizations in and around Silicon Valley. You get an idea by browsing through our contributors for our Episodes content.

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Our Episodes are short and sharp insights and perspectives related to Silicon Valley. This comes in the form of short articles, images and videos. Our contributors all have the Silicon Valley mindset and they are happy to share this with you.

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