Talks / Sessions with Lindegaard

Stefan Lindegaard offers keynote talks, sessions and workshops on the topics of leadership,  corporate innovation, talent management and the impact of digitalization and new technologies. This can be adjusted to your needs and interests. 



About Stefan Lindegaard and the Silicon Valley mindset

As a global thought leader on leadership in general and corporate innovation management in particular, Stefan Lindegaard travels around the world to interact with executives and corporate innovation teams who want to take their innovation capabilities and efforts to the next level.

The Silicon Valley mindset is key for this to happen. This mindset is rooted in one word: impact. By leveraging new technologies, talent, strong ecosystems, agile leadership, and ingenious approaches to business, Silicon Valley impacts entire industries in ways that shape the world. For a company to thrive—or even survive—in the next decade, its leaders will need to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and be able to put it to work.

Lindegaard helps executives and high level corporate innovation teams on this through Silicon Valley Fast Track venture.This is more than just work for him. It is a passion as he truly cares about these great people who like himself believe that big companies can make the world a better place for all of us through their innovation efforts.

Besides being a frequent writer on LinkedIn, Lindegaard is also an acclaimed author, keynote speaker, advisor and entrepreneur. Get in touch if you or your company/organization could be interested in his perspectives and insights on your challenges as well as opportunities in the context of corporate innovation.

Specialities: the Silicon Valley mindset, corporate innovation management, digital capabilities for innovation, communication, leadership and organizational development[/vc_column_text]