A new generation of leaders and executives is coming. Are you one of them? Join a movement…



The outset

Today, change happens fast, competition is fierce, and disruption is a constant threat. How can you and your corporate innovation team stay ahead in such a shifting landscape?

The key is to grow your talent, improve your capabilities and nurture the right circles of influence to advance your business opportunities.

In this tailored program, you will:

Gain insights

Gain insight into the best business strategies, talent management practices, corporate innovation approaches and organizational designs for today as well as the future.

Develop your influence

Know and further develop your circles of influence and learning in the context of corporate innovation.

Learn how to develop

Learn how to develop – and work in – a sustainable organization that has a high tolerance for uncertainty and constant disruption.

Acquire a new mindset

Acquire a new mindset and build further upon the tools you need to maximize your effectiveness as as a team member and a leader.

This is an outstanding opportunity to learn about emerging technology trends, network with cutting-edge people, and even build new partnerships for your company. Stefan’s inspiring, hands-on approach will empower you to take your new insights, perspectives, and learnings home, and apply them at your own organization.

Furthermore, your company will have influence on the program content and modules. We will discuss what your needs, issues and interests are and work this into the program.


The program itself

A hands-on engagement over 3-4 months with workshops, webinars and coaching for your chosen corporate participants. The program is based on preparation/development, delivey and follow-up. A typical program is 8-18 days. The daily fee is EUR 5,000 plus travel costs. 

Free coffee sessions

Lindegaard invites clients and potential clients to informal coffee sessions in the cities he visit. He makes frequent visits to Bangkok, Copenhagen, Dubai, Istanbul, New York, San Francisco and Singapore.

The Silicon Valley Immersion Program

USD 5,500 per participant

Key program elements

Talent Management

A key takeaway: Talent is integral to an organization’s success. Your company’s future depends upon the people you can attract and retain. So, what traits and skills matter most? How can you optimize the effectiveness of people and teams? What are the right ways to lead people? How can you identify and develop intrapreneurs? You will learn the answers to these questions and gain insights into other talent management issues that are critical to ensuring your company’s success.

Digitalization and New Technologies

Many of the things that sound like science-fiction to us now will become a reality at some point during the lives of today’s youth. Widespread hyper-connectivity and new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and AI, robotics, self-driving cars, blockchain, additive manufacturing, and IoT are the catalysts fueling disruption. These are new topics for many corporate innovation teams and they need to excel here to become valuable for their company. You will get an introduction to what matters today and you will experience how some of the best companies use and work with the latest technology trends and discover how you can apply them at home to create new opportunities for your own business.

Transformational Leadership

Leaders today and in the future will be forced to navigate in a landscape of high-uncertainty. There are two key elements for success in such a volatile environment. First, you must be able to attract and retain the best talent possible. And, you must utilize cutting-edge technologies to create groundbreaking products and services that outrun and outplay those of your competitors (both known and unknown).

Never has it been more challenging, nor more intellectually stimulating, to be a business leader than it is today. Not everyone is up for the challenge, and many will be replaced in the coming years. So, the question is: Are you up for it?

Startup Inspiration

What is the secret sauce that makes the best startups so successful? Our program will give you a chance to find out through discussions with the startups themselves. You will also learn the perspectives of the players in the ecosystems that enable their success. One key to the secret is understanding that no one can do it alone.

Corporate Innovation Management

How to go from surviving to thriving? To stay ahead in a world of disruption, you need to increase the speed of implementation and be able to seize and react to new opportunities. We will look at the next practices for corporate innovation based on global inspiration and with a special focus on talent management, leadership styles, organizational models, and the external partnerships needed to define a successful corporate innovation strategy and approach.

Communication and Branding

Because communication today is more critical than ever before, effective communication capabilities are vital to your company’s innovation efforts (as well as to your own leadership approach in general). We will explore ways to create an active communication platform in the context of your innovation activities with both internal and external stakeholders.

Personal Transformation

To excel as a leader in an era driven by digital technologies, you will need to reinvent yourself and create a new career image. A solid networking and learning strategy is key to personal transformation. As part of this program, you will receive coaching in the most efficient ways to network and learn. You will also get insights on the best ways to build your personal reputation as an influencer and how to convincingly sell your vision and ideas.